• Wuzhou Pine Chemicals Ltd
    Established in 2011, Wuzhou Pine Chemical Group is a modern enterprise which mainly engages in the business of further processed forestry chemicals. Wuzhou Pine Chemicals Ltd (WZPC), formerly known as Wuzh... [Detail]


  • Rosin
    Rosin is a kind of natural organic matter, mainly composed of various kinds of resin acid.It is a bar of soap, paper, coating, ... [Detail]

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 Wuzhou Pine Chemicals Ltd.  桂ICP备11005710号 
AddressThe 5th Floor, Gemstone Mansion, No.69 of Xihuan Rd, Wanxiu District,Wuzhou,China
TEL:+86 774 2031180  E-mail:yangmansheng@wuzhouszgs.com
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