Wuzhou Pine Chemicals Ltd.

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Wuzhou Pine Chemicals Ltd (WZPC), formerly known as Wuzhou Rosin Plant found in 1946, is the headquartered corporate of WZPCG. Besides its earliest history in the industry, WZPC is nowadays one of the most leading and integrated manufacturers of gum rosin and their derivatives in China. With his important role in the industry, WZPC had been recognized as the state-of-art company for a consecutively 5 times in the national agricultural industrialization program, which was initialized by 7 State organizations.

WZPC consists of Wuzhou Pine Chemicals Ltd, Wuzhou Wahson Import-export Trading Company (H.K) LTD. The products manufactured from these companies are widely used in the industries of SBR, electronics, adhesives, solder wire, food, pharmacy, flavors and essences, indoor and outdoor decoration, etc. Professional operation and efficient management enables the subsidiary companies of WZPCG to lead in their respective industry. The products are well received by customers all over the world.

 Wuzhou Pine Chemicals Ltd.  桂ICP备11005710号 
AddressThe 5th Floor, Gemstone Mansion, No.69 of Xihuan Rd, Wanxiu District,Wuzhou,China
TEL:+86 774 2031180  E-mail:yangmansheng@wuzhouszgs.com
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