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The company abide by the construction project environmental impact assessment system and pollution control facilities with the principal part of engineering design, construction, simultaneously at the same time production of "three simultaneity" system,Construction in strict accordance with the examination and approval requirements, does not alter the construction scale and content, not alter production and pollution prevention and control of process; Consciously accept the supervision and inspection of environmental protection branch, don't cheat, not organizations to lie about pollutants discharge declaration matters,Ensure "on time full specified amount," pay blowdown; Normal use of pollution control facilities, not idle or dismantle pollution prevention facilities without authorization, no private way or take other circumvent regulation of the discharge of pollutants, to insure the normal operation online monitoring facilities, data accurate, stable transmission, realize stable pollutants discharging standard;Continue to conduct work for saving energy and reducing pollutant emissions, finish the task pollution reduction, governance and make correction within a time limit, etc.

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