Liu Zhiyong to Wu pine forest research group to carry out service activities

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In October 26th, Liu Zhiyong of secretary of municipal Party committee to Wu pine forest group (formerly Wuzhou turpentine Limited by Share Ltd) research, and rate of service enterprise activities on-site service team. He emphasizes, Wuzhou turpentine deep inside, is known the old brand, departments at all levels should fully support the enterprises to speed up the development, from raw materials to processing the past simple, planting base, production base construction, fine processing base construction, to create billions of yuan industry.

On the afternoon of the same day, Liu Zhiyong came to Wu pine forest chemical group, cordial conversation with the responsible persons, for each sub project planning, construction, production and other detailed understanding of existence, project planning, construction issues, urged relevant departments to be addressed in a timely manner, to promote the project and fast construction, expansion of forest chemical industry in Wuzhou.

Liu Zhiyong pointed out that, since, Wuzhou rosin has a "world watch Chinese Chinese rosin, rosin to see Guangxi, Guangxi rosin watching Wuzhou" say, deep processing of rosin, I created the city forest chemical industry. In recent years, the development trend of forest chemical industry in our city's good, to Wu pine forest group as a leader, the formation of characteristics of Industrial Park, laid a good foundation for the development of forest chemical industry in Wuzhou.

Liu Zhiyong stressed, Wuzhou turpentine industry's position is very important, is Wuzhou's old brand, in the new development situation, primary products from the past to do with simple raw materials, extending to the planting base, production base construction, fine processing base, the municipal Party committee, City Hall must do its utmost to support the construction of base, try our best to support enterprises to speed up the development of rosin industry, support the development, in the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period will forest industry into the tens of billions of dollars of industry. Departments at all levels should follow the "three year" activity, put one's heart and soul into service enterprises, for enterprises to actively exclude the difficulty and anxiety, to help enterprises solve practical problems. Wu pine forest chemical group to further improve the development planning, to do a good job listing preparatory work, strengthen internal and financial management, perfect the structure; to further accelerate the pace of development, in accordance with the three 5 "goals" (that is, to use 5 years, the total industrial output value of 5000000000 yuan, annual profit of 500000000 yuan), and even to higher goals.

It is reported, Wu pine forest chemical group is our city, "the city back into the garden" key enterprises, after the relocation of enterprises, strong to carry out the project, the project layout of the eight, enterprise innovation ability increases further, the product structure has been upgraded. As of September, Wu pine forest chemical group of cumulative production of rosin and its series products deep processing of 30000 tons, the output value of about 520000000 yuan, the total sales revenue of 510000000 yuan, profits and taxes 32000000 Yuan, export 22730000 U. s.dollars. At the same time, was awarded the "national forest chemical industry the most competitive 50 strong" title.

Accompanied by the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, Secretary General Wu Haoling research.

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