The research project Haoling Wu Guangdong Guangxi special cooperation experimental zone etc.

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In August 12th, the Standing Committee of municipal Party committee, deputy mayor Wu Haoling respectively to the special test area, Guangdong and Guangxi cooperation Guangxi Wuzhou turpentine Limited by Share Ltd and the Wuzhou Industrial Park, electronic information science and Technology Park, understand the project process and the capital planning work, coordinate and solve problems.

After listening to the special test area of Guangdong and Guangxi cooperation related work report, Wu Haoling for the work to be sure. He pointed out that, relevant departments must clear focus, before the end of the year for implementation of a road, an exhibition hall, built a business in the target. To do a good job in land planning, strengthen the park financing loans, there are plans to introduce the project, through the introduction of large enterprises, large projects to attract other enterprises, the project in the park. To actively promote the Tang yuan, road construction, good roads around the land requisition relocation work, solve the problem back to the housing built, make the reasonable plan and scheme, place oneself in others'position considers for the farmer, to realize the harmonious relocation.

In Guangxi Wuzhou turpentine Limited by Share Ltd, Wu Haoling the company's 30000 tons Hill Park project to promote the understanding of the situation. Wu Haoling pointed out, Wuzhou turpentine Limited by Share Ltd made great contributions to the economic development of Wuzhou, City Hall will fully support the development, companies should increase the intensity of the lion mountain park listed, lying in the planning and construction of high standard requirements, to create the AAAAA level scenic spots. All relevant departments shall take reasonable plan, coordinate and solve

On the same day, Wu Haoling also came to the Wuzhou Industrial Park, coordinate and

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