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The pine resin resources of China is mainly distributed in Guangxi province, with 3,000,000 hectares in area. The annual output of pine gum in Guangxi is 300.000 tous, 35% of total production of China. And Wuzhou region annual output is 120,000 tous, 15% of total production of China.

We are located in Wuzhou, the eastern part of Guangxi. We enjoy exceptional advantages of the pine resources with our owm base of pine resin. Rich ang goodquality pine resin resources have been providing beneficial conditions to our company

In China, crude pine resin is obtained with the scientific method of tapping from live pine trees. This not only helps assure us of an uninterrupted supply of pine resin, but it also protects our forest resources well.

In order to insure the supply of main raw materials foe future, our company are pushing with all our might to develop a pine resin base with more than 53,000 hectares of scope.

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